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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slanket Review

I received the double sectioned Slanket to review. Me and my wife have a slanket at home and we love ours, matter of fact everyone I know now days has a slanket and we all know how great they really are. But there are some annoying times when my Wife and I are sitting on the couch watching a movie and we are both wearing separate slankets. When this happens we don't feel like we can snuggle with them, or that we are as close together as we like. That is where the double one comes into play. Now we can wear just one big slanket stay warm while still being close together. These are very easy to wash and they dry pretty fast on the clothes line as well. It doesn't bleed in the wash like some new blankets do. It is made out a very warm material and keeps you just the right amount of feeling being snugly warm with your partner that you need. This is great for any couples that spend time in bed or on the couch that want to stay warm, snuggle, and still be arms free. The only downfall is if you need to go to another room both of you will have to go together or one of you will need to get out of the Slanket first. This is great for couples of all ages and would even make a great birthday or Christmas present since Christmas isn't that far off now. I hope you check these out they are pretty cool.

Sorry about the picture I misplaced the picture for now will try to update later.

Limoges - Siamese Slanket - $39.99

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I received nothing but the Slanket Product above for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others. 

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