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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ecover Review

I received the Green Tea & grapefruit dish washing liquid from Ecover to review. I worked with this company in the past and they have really great products at great prices and they are green as well. Although my house hasn't made a complete switch to all green products and not sure we ever will but with products like this one it makes it easier to switch some things we already use out. We have all had the luxury of doing the dishes with this dish washing liquid and it don't dry your hands out like a lot do. It also has a great smell to it and lasts for a little bit on your hands afterwards. Also it lathers and suds very well so you don't have to use a lot to get a dish full of dishes clean and ready to dry. Now if the dish is a little more greasy it takes a bit more, but that’s normal with most dish washing liquids. It leaves the whole kitchen smelling good as well every time we use it. All our dishes are squeaky clean after using this. Going green is harder to do that seems since most things are too high to afford but not with Ecover they have great low prices, fast shipping, their products are great quality as well. It is also more dish washing liquid for your dollar because it goes a lot further than most we have used in the past. So if you haven't tried Ecover you should give them a try.

Online Here Now

16 FL OZ for $2.82

32 FL OZ for $4.68

Also check them out on their Facebook and Twitter.

I received nothing but the Ecover Product above for review no other form of payment was made for this review and it does not effect in anyway my opinion. This opinion is 100% solely mine and may not be agreed on by others. 

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