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Friday, July 15, 2011

Light Affection Review/Giveaway -- Closed

I Received an Authentic Registered Personalized night light from Light Affection. This light is Based a photo of yours, carved in an everlasting one-of-a-kind piece. The carved pieces are put into photo frames that you can choose from and come with a light behind the created caving to create an unique illuminated personalized photo.

These are great for gifts of any occasion or just to get for yourself. I love the way that mine came out and it makes a great night light for walking around in my room when need be in the dark. I love how the carved photo magically comes alive when illuminated from behind. It's all in the thickness of the translucent material that makes the photo illusion come alive from it's original picture image.

Rather then the old way of showing your pictures in a photo frame, Light Affection brings to us this great way of showing off are photos and preserving them as well, alone with the personalized lighting. I have two of them now, one is of my dog that's the one I have in my room as I mentioned and the other one is in my bathroom of my eldest cat.

The bathroom one lights up just enough that I don't have to turn on a big bright light at night. I would greatly recommend for anyone to get their personalized authentic one of a kind creation from Light Affection today, They also come with a registered number that list as yours.

So get one or maybe as many as you would like to have around the house. These are brighter and safer to have then candles all around the house and to me look a lot better also, along with making a safer home to live in.

My Actual Photo To an Authentic Registered Personalized night light........

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