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Monday, June 6, 2011

Has Your Throat Ever Felt Uncomfortable Without Pain?

Well here is a little true story to go along with my title "Has Your Throat Ever Felt Uncomfortable Without Pain"? Not to long ago my wife had sniffed a laundry cleaning ball and later her throat was feeling swollen. Well this went on for a few days with coughing along with the swelling and loss of her speech. I told her then she may have an allergic reaction to the cleaner. She went to the Hospital and came home feeling a bit better. We took all the bed laundry off that was washed with the cleaner and replaced it with other new. She slept that night a woke up coughing with a swollen throat again. We went crazy trying to figure out what was causing this reaction to keep coming back. Well after looking up things it might be, and not getting anywhere,I slept on it thinking and figured that maybe the comforter had gotten the scent on it from the sheet that was washed and it's bring back on the spells of the coughing and swelling. We removed the comforter then she took a nap that afternoon and woke up without a problem. Now though at times her throat is easily irritated and we're thinking if it keeps up she may need to see a DR. for maybe some Anti-Biotic Medicine to clear it up fully. My reason for this story is that while looking for my wife's problem on the internet it looked as though there was a lot of people with the same types of symptoms that couldn't find an answer. My suggestion to you from being in the Medical field myself is, if you have this weird Throat feeling without pain is to first try to do as we did trace back till maybe you find your source as we did. If not then keep seeing a Doctor.


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