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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fire Safety should be used around the house

Fire Safety should be used around the house. Why am I writing about this? Well a few days ago now I woke up and my Mother In-Law was cooking and I just got me a drink and went back to bed. Well about an hour or so later I was woken up to a strong smell that didn't smell like normal cooking, so I got up again and went into the kitchen to find it was full of smoke with all the animals just lying around as usual. Well the pot of chicken was still on the stove with now a small fire going in the pot and no Mother In-Law around. Being an Ex Firefighter I immediately took the pot of chicken and ran water in it dousing the fire and turned the stove off. After that turned a fan on hi to draft the smoke out of the kitchen and her room. When my Mother In-Law got home I told her and showed her what had happened and she said "Well I could have sworn I turned that off". I explained to her if your not for sure check and check again and even take it away from the stove and continue later.

My reason for this is to say please be more careful in what you do it could kill you or your animals and other loved ones that may be home asleep or not know what to do in a case like this. Respect fire and things that can cause a fire. check once, twice or whatever it takes to be sure of safety. If this or something like it happens to you and your not trained call the fire department immediately and get out to safety.


Joe N.
Blog Owner/Ex Firefighter